2019 Camp Coming Soon!


We are strong believers in the fact that a player cannot perform within a team setting to the best of their ability unless a large amount of dedication and effort is put into individual development. At the UBE Talent Camp, Mihai will embrace traditional ideas and continue to create and implement new ones. Mihai is experienced, creative, inquisitive and an expert in his field. The sessions are not designed to be comfortable. The training is demanding and there are no shortcuts to getting better. Mihai will break down the athletes physically and psychologically. The players will be pushed hard and will be asked to risk more alongside those they trust and that is why we are dedicated to choosing only players who have the ability to adapt to our philosophy and push themselves.<br>

UBE Talent camp will provide an opportunity not only to improve your skills but to showcase yourself to the UBE Talent personnel who will be evaluating each player closely throughout the entire duration of the camp. All practices will be filmed in order to have as much video material possible to provide to high school, college and university coaches and scouts in the United States. Remarkably, a large number our camp’s participants in the past have had an opportunity to continue their basketball careers in the USA.