The most popular basketball camp in Lithuania - UBE TALENT CAMP is returning to Kaunas!!!

UBE Talent camp is a top level individual skills camp that will improve the skill set of any player! The camp will take place in “Žalgiris” Basketball School in Kaunas. We invite all boys and girls from the age of 11 to register.


About the event

As basketball changes a lot and quickly, the individual skill set is very important nowadays. It is crucial for a modern basketball player to be psychologically strong, be able to make decisions quickly, and be self confident. To develop these skills we bring one of the best individual skills trainer Mihai Raducanu, who will work in all 3 sessions of the camp. Coach Mihai has over 15 years of experience in the field and is constantly working with top NBA, NCAA players. Mihai will be joined by Stanislovas Grincevicius, he is a well-known physical training coach, who currently works at the Get Better Basketball Academy in the Czech Republic. Camp participants will have a unique opportunity to practice according to the training standards of the USA (NCAA and NBA), to develop themselves through exercises of the latest basketball trends.

ube camps

Camp will take place in 3 sessions

One session will be 5 days (Monday – Friday).
Players are welcome to register for multiple weeks (discounts will apply).

I session:

July 12 -16

Mihai Raducanu and Stanislovas Grincevicius

II session:

July 19 -23

Mihai Raducanu, Anthony Susnjara, Steve Sir and Stanislovas Grincevicius

III session:

July 26 – 30

Mihai Raducanu, Anthony Susnjara and Stanislovas Grincevicius


Mihai Teaches
Mihai Raducanu
International Skills Trainer

Since the first year, the lead coach of the camp has been Mihai Raducanu, a world-renowned individual skills trainer who works with professional and youth basketball athletes all across the globe. Mihai is the founder of No Limit Performance ( and CEO of Ganon Baker Basketball ( He and his partner, Ganon Baker, run NBA Pre-Draft workouts in Florida during the spring months leading up to the NBA draft, after which Mihai travels to Lithuania to run our camps. Mihai Raducanu holds a Business Marketing and a Business Management degree from Coastal Carolina University where he was NCAA Division I basketball player. He also holds a Masters Degree from Canisius College in Sports Administration. Mihai has the ability to improve the mental approach and on-court abilities of all basketball players he comes in contact with through continuous education and attention to detail.

Stanislovas Grincevicius
Strength & Conditioning Coach

Stan is one of the most promising and innovative strength and conditioning coaches in Europe, because of his deep knowledge of practical and theoretical sides of sport. Currently he is responsible for players preparation in Get Better Academy in Czech Republic. In the past, Stanislovas has worked at the Vitoria Baskonia club, where he has worked individually with many great players, including Eurolegue elite players Tadas Sedekerskis, Tornike Shengelia and many other.

Anthony Susnjara
Australia National Team Assistant Coach

Anthony is a former professional basketball player who played in Australia and Europe. Currently Anthony is on the coaching staff of the Australian Men’s National Team and he also individually trains players in the Los Angeles area. He has worked with NBA players like Aaron Baynes, Thon Maker and others.

Steve Sir
Steve Sir
Shooting Specialist

Steve Sir – former professional basketball player, NCAA 3pt percentage record holder (NCAA career 3FG percentage – 46.8%). Steve is a shooting specialist who puts a lot of attention on shooting technique, footwork, mental preparation and self-confidence. Steve has worked with a number of professional basketball players from the NBA and Euroleague.

Schedule & Workouts

Daily schedule


Performance/physical training & short basketball skills workout or conditioning outside/track & field facility


Basketball specific workout

Workouts will include:

Camp location

Basketball school “Žalgiris” (Pašilės g. 41, Kaunas)


 Kaunas Technology University dormitories (A. Purėno street 20).  Basketball gym is 2 mins walk from the dormitories.


Basketball school “Žalgiris”


We are strong believers in the fact that a player cannot perform within a team setting to the best of their ability unless a large amount of dedication and effort is put into individual development. At the UBE Talent Camp, Mihai will embrace traditional ideas and continue to create and implement new ones. Mihai is experienced, creative, inquisitive and an expert in his field. The sessions are not designed to be comfortable. The training is demanding and there are no shortcuts to getting better. Mihai will break down the athletes physically and psychologically. The players will be pushed hard and will be asked to risk more alongside those they trust and that is why we are dedicated to choosing only players who have the ability to adapt to our philosophy and push themselves.

UBE Talent camp will provide an opportunity not only to improve your skills but to showcase yourself to the UBE Talent personnel who will be evaluating each player closely throughout the entire duration of the camp. All practices will be filmed in order to have as much video material possible to provide to high school, college and university coaches and scouts in the United States. Remarkably, a large number our camp’s participants in the past have had an opportunity to continue their basketball careers in the USA.

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230 Training Only
  • €370 with meals and accommodation


440 Training Only
  • €720 with meals and accommodation


640 Training Only
  • €1060 with meals and accommodation