High School and College Placement in the USA

UBE Talent Camp 2021

What We Do

We help student-athletes from all over the world achieve their dream of playing their sport and studying in the USA.

How We Help

We help you gather your academic and athletic information that we can share with the coaches in our network.


The best system in the world for student-athletes. It's system is set up in a way that athletes can compete at their sport at the highest level.

About UBE

UBE Talent is a consulting company that helps student-athletes from all over the world come over to high schools and colleges in the United States. We are highly educated former basketball players with many years of experience of playing in the USA and Europe. We have attended high schools and played for some of the best universities in the USA. We have spent over 10 years in the United States and have developed an expertise in the USA basketball world. We have strong relationships with hundreds of high school and college basketball coaches. We have personnel in the USA and in Europe and are very well-positioned to guide you in your transition to America and to support you once you arrive to your designated school.

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I am extremely satisfied with my school and I regret not coming here when I was in 10th grade because it would have helped my college recruiting process. The conditions to play sports here are the best. I have a head coach and four assistants coaches, who each have their assignments and give individual attention to each player.
Edvinas R.
UBE Talent was able to offer exactly what we were looking for. I can give UBE Talent’s personnel a grade 10 out of 10 because of their professionalism, competence, clarity in their offers, understanding, quick solutions to problems and positive end result.

Audrius S.
Because we had an opportunity to travel to the United States and see where our son will be going to college the next 4 years, it exceeded all of our expectations - the conditions to study and play basketball are ideal!!! Our son told us that everything is great over here, but we didn't expect it to be this great.
Ausra Z.