How We Help

We help you gather your academic and athletic information that we can share with the coaches in our network

We promote you to a large number of high schools and prep schools who we have very strong relationships with

​We help you find a school or several schools that will offer you a full or a partial scholarship (if there are several schools interested in you, the final decision is yours, but we will provide you with as much information as possible, so you can make the best-informed decision)


We assist you in obtaining all of the necessary paperwork and filling out all of the documents for admission to school

We advise you on the steps you must take in setting up an embassy appointment and acquiring a visa

Our job is not done even after you arrive to America and we support you during the entire process. We stay in touch with your coaches and keep track of your progress, so we regularly update your parents

We have personnel in Europe and in the USA, so we can quickly and effectively address any issues or problems that may arise while you are in America

What We Do

We help student-athletes from all over the world achieve their dream of playing their sport and studying in the USA.


The best system in the world for student-athletes. It's system is set up in a way that athletes can compete at their sport at the highest level.