Best system for student-athletes

USA has the best system in the world for student-athletes. Its high school and college system is set up in a way that athletes can compete at their sport at the highest level and also be able to attain a very good education. This is very hard to do or is nearly impossible in most other countries. All universities and most high schools have very advanced infrastructure. Their campuses are large and they contain everything you may need – classroom buildings, cafeterias, dormitories, gymnasiums, libraries, stadiums, etc. You will not have to waste time traveling from place to place because everything you will need will be at the palm of your hand. In addition, school and sports schedules are coordinated in a way that you rarely have to miss a class.

International diploma

American universities are highly regarded everywhere in the world. In the list of the world’s top 200 universities, 77 are in the United States. American higher education is recognized worldwide, therefore you will have an opportunity to use your degree and get a job anywhere in the world after your sports career is over.


Best facilities and infrastructure

High schools in the USA have remarkable infrastructure and facilities, especially for athletes. Most of these institutions have several gymnasiums, stadiums, pools, weight rooms and other athletic facilities that are nearly impossible to find at the majority of schools in other countries. Athletes usually have access to these facilities at all times. For example, if you are a basketball player who wants to go to the gym or weight room for extra work, you can usually get in there whenever you have free time. Athletes in the USA have the best conditions to play their sport and to improve every day.

Invaluable experience

The experience you will gain in the USA will be invaluable and you will grow not only as a player, but also as a person. Living by yourself thousands of kilometers away from your family will not be easy, but it will be very rewarding in the end. You will become an independent and a much stronger person. You will also master the English language that you will be able to use all over the world for the rest of your life.

Lifelong relationships

High schools and universities in the USA attract students of different backgrounds and from all over the world. You will not be the only student at the school who is thousands of kilometers away from home and family. You will not be alone because there will be others who have also travelled very far to chase their dreams. You will form friendships that will last a lifetime and it will be the best experience of your life.

College basketball's popularity

College basketball is very popular in the USA and is constantly broadcasted on different TV networks. The best universities consistently attract 5,000 – 20,000 spectators to every game. The atmosphere that college basketball fans create is special and is unlike anything else. Teams are passionately supported by students, faculty and the whole community. Because of such popularity in sports, universities are able to provide the best possible conditions for their athletes to train, compete and progress.

NCAA - best source to professional basketball leagues

NCAA is the global leader in the transition of young players from junior and amateur level to professional basketball (in the period of ages 18-22). If your goal is to play professionally, you can come back to Europe after graduating from a university at around 22 years of age with a great internationally recognized diploma and as a much stronger player ready to play at a higher level in Europe.

NCAA produces numerous players for the best professional basketball leagues in the world every single year. USA is the breeding ground for the world’s best athletes and you can have an opportunity to compete against the very best.

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